Credit for the longevity of the tale of Huron County’s Blue Man must be given to Dan Depner. Depner produced the video documentary that revitalized the story.

depner alien corn mazeDan Depner’s family farm further promoted the story by carving an alien character into their corn maze in 2008. The alien in the maze, which was visible from aerial views, did not in any way resemble the original Blue Man’s costume. However, it provided an opportunity to sell The Blue Man of Huron County DVD and further perpetuate the tale of Huron County’s Little Blue Man, which is fantastic.


Depner alien souvenir standThe Depner Farm’s corn maze attracted fall visitors to Caseville and the farm each fall intermittently from 2005 to 2015. The seasonal attraction provided family entertainment that included movies, snacks, and wholesome family games. As the fall activities wound down, the Depners turned to selling cut-your-own Christmas cheese. That aspect of the business continues. But the corn maze and accompanying festivities ended in 2015.

Photographs on this page have been shamelessly acquired from the Depner Farms Facebook page. Please consult their Facebook page for information about their current produce and seasonal farm offerings. 

Depner Corn Maze Chronology